Powerful Speech A Son Made To His Mom Made Everyone Weep

When these middle schoolers were called in for an assembly, they had no idea what was in store for them. Guest speaker and former WCW and WWE champion, Marc Mero, took the stage and delivered a speech that reduced the students to tears. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a mess after watching this one. The video below captures the part of the speech where Mero talks about his past with his mother and what he wishes he would’ve done differently. Powerful is simply an understatement.

Mero is a promoter of positive change, and that’s exactly what he wants to bring to the audiences to which he speaks. Growing up, Mero didn’t surround himself with the best of people. This led to him experiencing a lot of tragedy later on in life when many people he knew died because of their dangerous lifestyles. Knowing that he couldn’t go on enduring the loss of loved ones without doing anything, Mero took action and became a public speaker. Mero primarily speaks in front of young people in hopes that he can be a positive influence on them at early stages in their lives. It’s obvious from watching the video that Mero’s words are hitting home for more than one student in the room.


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