There Is Something Hidden In This Pile Of Rocks That Has The Internet Going Crazy

The picture below might look like nothing more than a pile of rocks.  There’s something else hiding in plain sight. Can you see it? No? Look a little bit closer …

In this pile of colorful stones lies a model covered in body paint from head-to-toe. Her skin has been transformed into a canvas, allowing her to fit in seamlessly with the colors and textures that surround her body. The artist, Johannes Stötter was born in Italy. Stötter made a name for himself with his stunning body paint work. He not only does body paint, Stötter practices both visual art and music.  Stötter also plays violin, bouzouki (a string instrument similar to the mandolin), the whistle, and sings in his Celtic Folk band named “Burning Mind.”

Johannes is a true Renaissance man!  His talent is finally getting the recognition it deserves after many years of hard work.  Artists like Jörg Düsterwald place the focus on nature by using their photography skills.  If you’re interested in learning more about body painting, and will be in or around Austria this summer, check out the World Bodypainting Festival, where Johannes will be teaching.

spot the hidden object


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