This Genius Alarm Clock Won’t Stop Buzzing Until You Get Out Of The Bed

Sleepyheads, this one is for you.

Meet the Ruggie, a new invention taking the Internet and our REM cycles by storm. To the naked eye, the device looks like a measly old rug, but it’s actually an alarm clock. Yes, it’s an alarm clock disguised as a rug, with built in speakers and a sensor that only shuts off once you stand on it for three seconds.

Behold, the brilliant invention in all of its glory:

stand up alarm clock


Not only will it force you to actually stand up out of bed, but the Ruggie will also deliver motivational quotes of your choosing every morning. Talk about starting the day off on the right foot.

Winson Tam, creator of The Ruggie, says that like many people, he struggles with waking up in the morning.

“Too many times I’ve over-snoozed. I know how it feels, it sucks. There is so much resistance in the morning, the warm comfy bed, the cold floors, that awesome dream we just had,” he said. “I created Ruggie to help myself and others get out of bed easier and be more productive.”


stand up alarm clock


The Ruggie is currently on Kickstarter with $30,212 of its $36,113 goal met. Something tells us the non-morning people of the world will make sure this thing goes into production real quick.


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