Couple Tried To Embarrass Husband For Being A Stay-At-Home Dad. His Wife’s Response Is Priceless

We went to a wedding the other week. We were on a table which was half and half. Half us and half them. It wasn’t too bad, and we all got along. They started that awkward conversation which we all have when we meet new adults.

“So what do you do with yourself?”

I don’t know why this conversation happens. It’s almost like a passive game of ‘Who’s the richest?’ or ‘Guess my lifestyle?’

So we got me out of the way and explained what I do without them batting an eyelid. And then he looks at Sarah. She is very intelligent and has been an Emergency Services Worker for over 7 years now. He says:

“Oh, so you just stay home and look after the kids?”

I don’t know how this has become a generalization but it stinks. I am really proud of her and everything she’s achieved which was more accolades and awards for service than what this bloke ever will. Yet he somehow managed to judge before he asked. I love that she wants to take this time to raise our beautiful children. She will never get this time again.

If given the opportunity I would quit work tomorrow and raise my boys and be the best parent I could be. There’s nothing wrong with being a stay at home parent. Temporary or career parent who cares.

Don’t judge, don’t assume, don’t anything. Just mind your own business and let people live their life how they want to.

I am also very proud of Sarah’s response. She kept her cool (much to my amazement as I was about to get the popcorn out). Love you babe x

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