15 Everyday Quick Fix Tricks To Help You Through The Day

There are a lot of unpleasant situations we can get into: the iron breaks right before an important meeting, a snag appears on a sweater the day after we buy it…

In order for us to live more easily, some genius made up these life hacks, and the team wants to share them with you.

Define the right jeans size without trying them on
stay calm life tricks 1
There are two ways to define your perfect size of jeans. First, try to wrap the ends of the waistband around your neck. Second, measure the waist with a bent arm — it should fit from the elbow to the fist.

Suede shoes without stains
stay calm life tricks 2
By using stale bread you can remove stains from suede shoes.

How to avoid any wrinkles in clothes
stay calm life tricks 3
Once you have ironed your clothes, let them cool down. If you put them on at once, they will wrinkle again.

If your iron is broken…
stay calm life tricks 4
Hang your clothes in the bathroom while taking a shower. Not as perfect as an iron, but it helps. Steam removes wrinkles from your clothes, and this makes them look better.

Clean patent leather shoes and accessories
stay calm life tricks 5
Give a perfect shine to your patent leather shoes and bags using a window cleaner spray.

How to wear jeans with ankle boots
stay calm life tricks 6
It’s not necessary to tuck your jeans into your ankle boots. This combination will look more stylish if you cuff them with a single roll.

Mend torn jeans
stay calm life tricks 7
A hole in your jeans isn’t a reason to throw them away. If you use one of these ideas to fix it, no one would guess there’s something wrong. Looks like a new designer pair, doesn’t it?

Fix a stuck zipper
stay calm life tricks 8
Can’t take off your jacket? Use vaseline or soap.

Get rid of snags in your sweater
stay calm life tricks 9
Here’s advice on how to fix a snag in your sweater. But what if you’re not at home, and you need to remove it right now? Few people always carry a crochet hook with them. Pull the fabric around the snag apart several times. It’ll become smaller or even disappear.

Fit your bra to your evening dress
stay calm life tricks 10
Imagine that you bought a dress, shoes, found a perfect handbag, dressed up for the party, looked in the mirror, and suddenly realized that you can see the edge of a band. There’s no time to buy something new! Here’s an instruction that’ll help you look great this evening.

Easy way to fasten a bracelet
stay calm life tricks 11
It happens as soon as you apply your makeup and get dressed: you realize there’s nobody home to help you fasten your bracelet. Don’t refuse to wear it! Here’s a good way to put it on by yourself.

Clean the rubber sole of your shoes
stay calm life tricks 12
To make your sneakers look as good as new, use nail polish remover.

Make your footwear smell better
stay calm life tricks 13
Two tea bags in each pair of footwear — and here it is, a great deodorant, much better than those offered in the store. Here’s the whole experiment.

Extend the life of your favorite sweater
stay calm life tricks 14
Knitwear is usually heavy, so if you use an ordinary hanger, your clothes will warp. Your sweaters will last longer if you put them on a shelf or use hangers with rounded shoulders.

Give a second chance to your heels
stay calm life tricks 15
Flaking heels look awful, but don’t hurry to throw out your favorite pair of shoes. You can easily give them another chance. See the tutorial.


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