She Helped A Poor Woman Who Was Trying To Put Diapers In Her Purse At Walgreens

“My eight year old and I were waiting at the Walgreen’s Pharmacy when she leaned over and said, “Mommy, that lady is putting that stuff in her purse.”

I looked over and watched her grab quite a few things. I contemplated if I should say smoothing, but realized that the only thing in her cart was Pampers and she was in the baby aisle.

While paying, Lilly kept looking up at me with the “Are you going to tell on her?” face. I shook my head no. When we finished, I looked for her, but she had left.

As we were walking out, she was coming back in empty handed. I walked up to her and said, “My daughter saw you, but I think you need this money more than I do.” She broke down crying and said she did. I gave her a hug and kissed her forehead. I told her I know how hard it can be as a parent and to take care of her little one. She didn’t re-enter the store and walked back to her car still crying.

Lily had questions for me after about stealing. I told her that sometimes we do the wrong things in life for the right reasons. We all have, but yes, stealing is wrong.

There are so many gray areas in life, and I try to make sense of them as much as I can. We can bridge our divide with compassion, and we will never know what someone is going through in life, no matter how different our worlds may be.”

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