20 Storage Ideas For People Who Love To Be Organized

Shelves in the garage
storage ideas in the right place 1
The space above the garage door seems to be absolutely useless. However, you simply need to think a bit more creatively. Then you will see that it can be used for putting some quite convenient shelves where you can store a whole number of seasonal items: Christmas decorations and ski equipment, for example.

How to get the perfectly tidy car
storage ideas in the right place 2
The kind of plastic pockets usually used for storing bathroom accessories are a perfect choice for better organising the space in your car.

A second life for an old magazine rack
storage ideas in the right place 3
Large hair styling accessories (girls, I bet you know what we’re talking about) can be stored vertically in a nice old rack for magazines and newspapers. So retrieve it from the cupboard or attic and give it another chance to be used — you’ll not regret it!

How to store canned food
storage ideas in the right place 4
A great solution for saving space in a small kitchen is a self-made storage box for all those cans you’ve got crammed into every cupboard. It’s extremely easy to make, and its convenience should not be underestimated.

Saving space in the closet
storage ideas in the right place 5
You will be surprised at just how useful a simple pull-tab from an aluminium can be to help you save space and organise your things rationally. Just fasten it to a clothes hanger and you’ll understand!

Keeping tools close to hand
storage ideas in the right place 6
Garden tools can be stored on towel rails. Now there’s no need to have them getting dirty in piles on the floor! Plus, they’ll be easier to find this way.

Put smaller items in the hallway
storage ideas in the right place 7
As soon as we enter our homes, we often put our keys, sunglasses or new mail wherever we see some free space, creating a mess. A box for small items or a special shelf will solve this problem once and for all.

Containers for spices
storage ideas in the right place 8
Empty tic-tac boxes are good for storing spices as well as helping you to take them to the picnic or wherever you are going without the risk of them getting spilled everywhere.

Kitchen cabinets
storage ideas in the right place 9
The sides of kitchen cabinets can be used as additional shelf space. There also a great place to hang up a hook for a hand towel.