Great Potoo Is One Of The Strangest Birds On Earth

The best part about being an animal lover is that there are always new ones to learn about. The world has so many unique species for us to appreciate, and we always look forward to seeing a creature we’ve never heard of, like the great potoo. The great potoo is far greater than its name implies. With a look that’s both strange and adorable, this cutie is quickly becoming our new favorite bird.

The first thing you’ll notice is its impressive camouflage.
strange bird Potoo 1

At night, its black and yellow eyes allow it to spot prey in the dark.
strange bird Potoo 2

Great potoos can be found as far north as Mexico and as far south as Brazil.
strange bird Potoo 3

Do you see what we mean by “strange?”
strange bird Potoo 4

The great potoo sits very still until an insect gets close enough for it to fly out and eat it.
strange bird Potoo 5

“No birds here … just a normal tree.”
strange bird Potoo 6

While the great potoo is considered “uncommon,” it isn’t in any danger of becoming extinct, which means we can look forward to seeing these feathered friends for a long time.
strange bird Potoo 7


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