10 Extremely Strange Inventions That Will Leave You Asking “Why?”

Our world is full of some pretty ingenious inventions. Here are some of the strangest inventions we have ever seen!

1. Portable toilet paper dispenser

strange inventions

This is for the person who has allergies really bad and has to have a tissue at hand all the time.  Ok, but I don’t think I would wear this on my head. 

2. Duck-billed muzzle

strange inventions

Here’s a cute alternative to a muzzle for your mutt.  This muzzle will keep your dog from biting, while at the same time it looks harmless to other dog walkers in the park. 

3. Baby mop romper

strange inventions

How about killing two birds with one stone?  Baby learns to crawl and the floor gets cleaned at the same time!   Everybody wins!

4. Noodle splash protector

strange inventions

This is designed to keep your hair out of your dinner.

5. Grass flip-flops

strange inventions

It really does feel better sinking your bare foot into grass. So why not do it in these nifty flip-flops?

6. Ostrich pillow

strange inventions

This “ostrich pillow” (so called because it makes you feel as though your head is buried in the sand), will help you maximize your nap time.

7. Scooter-stroller hybrid

strange inventions

If a hurry to get your tot to the park fast?  Try this scooter-stroller hybrid and whizz around at top speed. 

8. Full-body umbrella

strange inventions

Okay, if you live in a rainy, windy city, this umbrella is for you!  It will keep your entire body protected from the rain.

9. Butter grater

strange inventions

Nevermind putting the ‘hard’ butter in the microwave to soften it, reach for this and you can grate butter onto your toast and enjoy within minutes.

10. Coffee mug/iron hybrid

strange inventions

It’s morning, you’re getting ready for work and you need your coffee!  But you also need to iron your clothes.  That’s where this device comes in, it uses the heat from your hot drink to smooth the wrinkles in your clothes. While it’s handy for portable crease tackling; not so handy for the inevitable coffee stains.


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