Complete Strangers Helped Her Two Young Daughters Stranded On A Bus For 5 Hours

So tonight my two little girls were stranded on a bus in Arnold/Imperial on Miller Road for 5 hours. Bus 23. They are in 1st and 3rd grade. Being a parent I was in agony, panicked, and worried sick. We couldn’t reach or even talk to them. These girls are our whole world. I imagined they were scared, hungry, unable to potty, cold, the awful things that went through my mind were limitless.

Complete strangers who lived along the road took action. They linked arms and helped these children across the road and into their homes to let them potty. They brought them snacks and waters. When I finally could talk to them, they had been playing games and singing songs. They were warm and happy. So if I could, I just have to say thank you to these strangers and bus drivers. I couldn’t thank you enough. I don’t know if you will ever know how grateful we are that you did this for these children. This could have been a very traumatic situation for these children. But you all really made it a bare able. You protected them, made sure they were comfortable and had everything they needed. And you didn’t have to. I thank you, and I hope you see this somehow.

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