After Her Boyfriend Took Her Out Of Town, He Refused To Take Her Home

I went with my boyfriend to visit his mother four states away. I took my two young children with me, and he took his daughter. He said it’d only be for a week and he’d pay for everything. We were both divorced, single parents and me with limited funds I figured it’d be a good time to just get away with my kids on a mini vacation, so I agreed to go along.

A week later he decides that he’s staying the month and refuses to leave. I had to have my kids back for their father’s visitation, or I’d be in contempt of court, so I begged him to please drive us back home, and I’d give him gas for him to return, but he still refused.

I took my last $10.00, called a cab and took off with my kids in tow to the nearest town that had a bus station hoping my ex would pay for us to get home.

In the cab, the anger gave way to fear, and I started crying. When we finally arrived the cab fare was $16.00, and seeing as I only had $10 on me but hearing my story, the cab driver took pity on me and put in the remaining $6 from his own money and told me to be careful that this was a bad part of town.

After calling everyone, I knew and finding no one home and dark approaching I huddled my two babies to me and sat down defeated on the cold metal bus bench and cried.

Suddenly out of nowhere an elderly man appears and asks me if I’m okay?

I tell him the whole story and feeling sorry for me he explains that he’s a pastor and he’ll buy the three tickets for me to get home. I told him I couldn’t pay him back and he says never mind, it’s a gift. He goes up and buys the three tickets and brings them back to me but says that the next bus won’t arrive until morning, and he doesn’t want to leave us in a bus station all alone because it wasn’t safe and would I consider going to his home for the night with him, his wife and eight foster children. He promised to bring us back in the morning to catch our bus.

Worried, scared and exhausted I looked over at my tired, sweaty, dirty dust covered hungry babies and said okay.

We went to his house where everything was just as he said it would be. We were able to take showers, change into clean clothes and sleep in soft beds after eating a great supper made by his family. In the morning we had a great breakfast, and just as he promised, he took us back to the bus station and waited till we’d boarded, sending me off with $50 cash and a care basket of sandwiches, chips, candy, and drinks.

I thanked them profusely and promised to pay them back as soon as I got home, and they brushed it off and said all they ask in return was a call to let them know we’d arrived safely. Hugs all around, we boarded, waved good bye and never saw these strangers again. This happened 38 years ago. There are many good people out there.

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