Struggling Mom Is Being Evicted, But Learns Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Secretly Changed The Rent

In 2014, a young mom named Natalie Koltes was about to be evicted from her Las Vegas home of three years. She was trying her hardest to make ends meet, but could no longer afford to pay rent. The building management continued giving her extra chances, but time was running out.

But there was someone else whose survival Natalie was more concerned with than her own — her nine-year-old daughter, Ariel.

Ariel would watch her worried mom pack and then unpack their belongings, constantly questioning their fate. She feared they would be thrown out onto the streets with nowhere else to go.

“Her mind right now is on her mom and how are they gonna make rent,” FOX5 reporter Stefanie Jay says. “No 9-year-old should ever, ever have to worry about something like that.”

One day, Ariel decided to do something big… without telling Natalie about it. She snuck a letter to the mailman and sent it off to the FOX5 Surprise Squad behind her mother’s back.

Natalie had no idea what to expect when a news crew showed up to tell her about her daughter’s letter… and what this incredible group of strangers was planning to do with it.

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