Students Masquerading As “Silent Monks” Hilariously Sing “Hallelujah”

How do you put a new spin on a Christmas classic? What about just not singing it at all? Before you scratch your head too much, let us explain.


At one high school, the students decided to don “silent monk” robes, even going so far as to cover their heads. With that premise set, they decided that rather than actually sing, they would take a page from those bell-ringers and just hold up cards with what would have been the sung lyrics instead.

So, with the recorded music going, the faceless “monks” would each hold up their Hallelujah lyric cards on cue, for a kind of Rockettes-style effect.

And how was the very original rendition of Hallelujah received by the audience? They were stunned at first, and then burst into mass laughter once they caught on. Making everyone’s holidays just a little bit happier!



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