A Woman’s Comeback When She Overhears A Racist Comment

A young woman talks about the one time she went to the park when she saw a group of girls playing a game. What one of the girls said made her laugh.

I always go to the park on weekends to read a book out in the sun. It’s nice when it’s sunny outside in the Spring and Summer, so I tend to do just that.

I’m just sitting here at the park, and there’s a group of little girls near me. They decided to play ‘Disney Princess, ‘ and this one girl who probably thinks she’s the ‘leader’ was assigning each one a character. Clearly, she was choosing them based on looks, as a brunette, she was Snow White, the 2 blonde ones got to be Cinderella and Elsa…

So when she got to this little Asian girl, she obviously chose Mulan. So the Asian girl is like “Why am I Mulan? She’s not a princess”. The leader says in a nasty tone “Yeah, but you have small eyes like her.”

The Asian girl went quite for a few seconds but then proceeded with the straightest face ever: “Then I think you should be one of Cinderella’s sister.”

The leader tilts her head and goes “Why?”, so my little heroine goes “because of your ugly like them.”


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