Lawsuit Shows How Some Restaurants’ “Suggested Gratuity” Feature Might Be Ripping You Off…

The next time you visit a restaurant, you might want to check your bill carefully. Sometimes it is difficult to know how much to tip your waiter or waitress. Beware of the “suggested gratuity” however, since that could actually be tricking you.

The “suggested gratuity,” in theory, is supposed to be a useful guide in knowing how much tip you’re supposed to leave. This is great for people who are terrible at math or don’t want to use a calculator.

suggested gratuity

The numbers restaurants are providing are not always correct. You may be paying more than you should be.

Restaurants, like The Cheesecake Factory are using some odd math to calculate tips. Their practice has led to a lawsuit and it is because of the apparent lack of change when the bill is split.

Here is an example: If a $100 bill is split into two $50 bills, the tip is shown for the original amount, not for the amount split. Most people have seen this and can work out the confusion for themselves. However, some have just now realized they have been paying more than they needed to for the service.

This is the lawsuit The Cheesecake Factory is dealing with.

suggested gratuity

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