When His Little Brother Sees A Disturbing Text From A Classmate And Immediately Responded

Her brother saw a message from one of the kids in his school that he was thinking of taking his own life. His first reaction is perfect & probably saved a life.

He is in 8th grade, a time of hormones and stress and “romance”. A time when most of us were just getting into the opposite sex and figuring out our lives.

One of his friends got a text from a boy in their class saying that he wanted to kill himself and no one cares and he’s tired of being alone. Not only did my little brother go straight to the principal and the parents and warn them, but he actively looked for this boy and befriended him.

They spent hours talking and once all the drama was over the principle called him and the parents of the boy called him and thanked him, saying he made a huge difference in this young boy’s life. The boy called him and told him that all he wanted was someone to care and that my little brother made him feel like a new person and it was great to have a friend that would go to such length to make sure he was safe.

Needless to say I am very proud of him and his actions. He is brave and I couldn’t ask for a better brother.


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