Teacher Getting Supplies Was Insulted By Elderly Man, Until A Family Swooped In And Saved The Day

As I was school supply shopping today for my classroom, an elderly gentleman commented on all of the bins and notebooks in my cart. When I told him I was preparing for my classroom his response to me was “Oh you cry baby teachers and your strike.” Before I could comment a mother and father in the same aisle with their three children stepped in with a quick response informing this gentleman that not only are we shaping the minds of our future, but my entire cart, plus more, comes out of my own pocket, and here I am in the middle of my summer vacation focusing on school and my students that I haven’t met yet.

Needless to say, the elderly gentleman had very few words to respond and walked away with his tail between his legs. As if this was not enough, the mom and dad insisted on paying for my cart, and when I replied with a “No. You’ve done more than enough,” the father took my cart and brought it to the cash register, insisting that this life lesson for his children was more than worth paying my $75 bill.

I am not one who cries, but I cried. I am beyond thankful and still at a loss for words. There is no way I could possibly thank this family enough for their kindness and generosity for supporting us as teachers. On behalf of teachers everywhere, thank you! My heart is full. I love my job.


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