Sick Teacher Is Headed To Class, But She Has An Unexpected Turn Of Events In The Hallway…

Kleenex has long been associated with cold and flu season, but the company’s latest string of ads are making people sniffle for a very different reason. It might be part of a diabolical plan to create more demand for their product, but some of these videos are just too heartwarming for me to even care about potential conspiracies. For instance, there was Renee Hendrix, the neonatal intensive care nurse who was visited by 30 years worth of kids who she had nursed back to health as newborns.

In this ad, a group of people all unite at their former high school in order to do something for the one teacher they can all remember as having touched their lives – choir teacher Ms. Watson. Ms. Watson has seen a lot of students over the years, and thanks to her stellar abilities, many of them even went on to have careers in the entertainment industry. Take Peter, for instance, who was with her for all four years of high school. Now a professional entertainer, he says he “would never have been able to do any of it if it hadn’t been for Ms. Watson.”

Unfortunately, Ms. Watson’s health has had a bit of a rough patch lately. When her former students heard about it, they answered Pete’s call and got together to give her a special surprise. While she’s walking towards what she thinks is a teacher interview, Ms. Watson is ambushed in the hallway by a flash mob of her former students, who are there to literally sing her praises. Her reaction is absolutely priceless, and I’m sure Kleenex’s sales aren’t going to take a dive anytime soon after this one.


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