An Extraordinary Swimming Experience With Otters

Have you ever visited the zoo and wished that you could get a little closer to some of the animals? I mean, I doubt anyone is eager to hop into the tiger habitat, but some of the smaller animals just look so cute and cuddly. Well, thanks to Nurtured by Nature, an organization in California, that dream can now become a reality.

Founded in 2013 by husband and wife duo Kevin and Wendy Yates, Nurtured by Nature provides guests with a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with all kinds of animals. According to their website, visitors can look forward to digging with armadillos, hopping with kangaroos, and even swimming with otters! But this isn’t just a fancy petting zoo – no, Nurtured by Nature has made it their mission to provide the world with a whole lot more than that.

After the Yates family lost all of their belongings to a wildfire, they decided to completely change their lifestyle and adopt nearly 300 animals. Just like that, Nurtured by Nature was born. Touched by the generosity of their friends and family after the fire, the Yates use Nurtured by Nature as a way to “pay it forward” to other families going through difficult times.

Not only are they helping endangered and vulnerable species, but they’re providing invaluable sensory therapy and love to young children in the form of animal encounters. Here, we see four people experience what it’s like to swim with Asian small-clawed otters. There’s no doubt that encountering animals in such an intimate setting helps us understand the importance of preserving these wonderful creatures. Just make sure your bathing suit is on tight.


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