Family Creates The Coolest Summer Project For Their Backyard

Summer is finally here, and now that it’s warm enough to head outside, it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors.

But while some people already have their grills fired up and their pools ready to go, one man is just getting started. And when you see what he made to start his summer off right, you’ll be blown away!

First, he gathered wood from his kids’ old swing set.
swing set fire pit 1

Then, he built the frame of his project.
swing set fire pit 2

He drove posts into the ground in a hexagon formation.
swing set fire pit 3

On top, he placed a few beams. He made sure to keep everything level and adjust as necessary.
swing set fire pit 4

Next, he added additional beams for structural support to hold the weight.
swing set fire pit 5

He built a fire pit in the middle of the structure with concrete and stone.
swing set fire pit 6

Once the fire pit was done setting, he added porch swing seats to finish his amazing summer hangout spot.
swing set fire pit 7


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