All You Need Is One Tea Bag And You Will Never See Mice Or Spiders In Your House Again

Since practically the beginning of time, rodents and spiders have been problematic in the human experience. Rats are best-known for once spreading Bubonic Plague across the European continent in the 14th century, which in just 60 years, wiped out one-third of all the people on Earth at that time.

Fear of spiders, known as arachnophobia, is another age-old syndrome. While spiders actually sometimes serve a good purpose in keeping other pest populations down, some varieties also have a venomous bite, not to mention being just plain creepy.

Before the advent of pesticides, humans, of course, had to use more natural ways to combat the onslaught of critters. Sadly, as traps and chemical solutions have taken over (some of which can also be deadly to humans and pets, by the way), we’ve moved away from less harmful, yet quite effective, organic methods of pest control.

But it’s worth revisiting some of these methods. If you have pets or young children, both traps and poisons pose genuine hazards that may preclude using them altogether. Then how do you fight rats, mice, and spiders and keep them from invading your home and yard?

You may be surprised to learn it’s by using something you may already have and enjoy around the house: peppermint! That’s right, rodents and spiders have an anathema to peppermint. Even if you don’t typically stock this around your kitchen, it’s easy to find in made-up teabags at any supermarket. Simply brew some tea, then place them anywhere that you want to deter critters. You won’t need to worry about toxicity to pets or children, either.

In fact, some veterinarians even recommend peppermint to calm your dogs’ stomach, but of course you should check with your own vet to see if eating a tea bag would be safe, and if not, put the bags somewhere that they cannot access them.

Professionals say you should be rodent and spider-free before the week is up. And that’s something to put your feet up and enjoy a nice, hot cup of tea about.


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