This Tea Is The Best Remedy For Swollen Legs

Most of us think of parsley as a decorative green sprig on a fancy restaurant plate. If we’ve ever eaten it, it was probably more out of curiosity than anything else. But did you know that this overlooked herb is actually a wonderful natural diuretic?

And no, you don’t have to eat parsley like a rabbit to enjoy the benefits. You can actually make a delightful parsley tea, sit down, put your feet up (which is also good for your circulation!) and sip your lovely tea while you relax.

Let’s backtrack for a moment, and take a look at the kinds of things that can cause your legs to swell (known as edema) to begin with. Everything from eating too much sodium (salt), to inadequate circulation, to extremely hot weather, to spending a long time on your feet, can create this uncomfortable condition, which generally makes you get that dreaded “cankle” look.

Your skin may feel tight and your feet may not fit into their normal shoe size when you get leg swelling. It can even lead to circulatory issues. So, getting that expansion down as quickly as possible is both better for your health, and a boost to your self-confidence, all at once.

A typical pharmaceutical diuretic, for which you will need a prescription and which may cost a bit, will make you lose potassium as it helps your body shed water. Parsley, on the other hand, is pennies per serving, and actually has potassium in it, so you’re not throwing out the baby with the bath water as you eliminate fluid.

There are additional benefits to parsley that go beyond even helping your body release water. Several studies have verified that parsley can regulate your blood pressure naturally and without side effects, and everyone knows how vital it is to keep your blood pressure low for your overall good health.

Ideally, you will look for fresh, organic parsley, which you should be able to find at most health food stores and more and more, even in regular supermarkets. You can certainly just munch it raw if you are comfortable with that; it even helps freshen your breath!!

But if you prefer to make a refreshing and soothing herbal tea, here’s how to do it:

Mix the chopped sprigs with parsley root as finely as you can, then toss them together. Add five teaspoons of this mixture to two cups of boiling water, and allow to fully boil for five minutes.

Remove from heat, and allow to cool. Strain the tea, drink, and enjoy!

If possible, drink your homemade parsley tea morning, noon, and night for optimal results.


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