Eagle-Eyed Teens Peer Into Stranger’s Car — And Discover Abducted Girl

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to think that someone might take their child away from them.

That, on any given day, could change their whole world, and they’d be left looking for any trace of their little one.

It’s a true nightmare and one that most parents will, thankfully, never experience. They will never have to wonder where their child could possibly be, or feel the overwhelming fear that something irrevocable has happened in their life.

Thanks to the hard work of police officers and investigators, many children who are taken end up making their way back home safely. It’s the best case scenario.

But sometimes, the police need a little help from civilians to make sure that every lead is followed and every corner of the search area has been explored.

It’s tough for them to do everything on their own with such a sensitive timeline.

That’s why it’s so important for locals to keep an eye out for anything suspicious that might be going on in their town.

It could be the key to saving someone’s life.

It was for 5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas, who was kidnapped off of her own front lawn.

Police immediately prepared a missing poster, and luckily, Temar Boggs and his friend were paying attention.

If they hadn’t seen Rojas’ face in a passing car window, things might have turned out very differently for this little girl.

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