17-Year-Old Boy “Dies” For 20 Minutes And Sees Jesus In Astounding Cardiac Incident

The medical profession says the human brain has about a six-minute window to stay intact without oxygen. After that, brain damage and shortly thereafter, death, will inevitably occur. It’s one reason everyone is encouraged to learn CPR, because minutes literally count when someone’s heart stops.


And that’s what makes the story of one Texas teen’s recent brush with the other side even more astounding. Because not only did he survive way past that six-minute window, doctors don’t even know what caused him to go into cardiac arrest at such a young age with no obvious health problems to begin with.

For Zack Clements, it was just another gym period at school, and he was running, when suddenly his heart stopped and he collapsed. It was 20 minutes between his collapse and when paramedics were able to revive him and feel a pulse. In fact, it had gone on so long that responders were just a minute away from declaring him dead to his terrified mother, who raced to the scene of her boy’s horrifying incident.

At the very least, Zack, from a medical standpoint, should have had extreme brain damage from such a long stretch of being oxygen-deprived. But instead, he came out of a coma three days later and had no lasting effects whatsoever from the bizarre medical incident.

But this inexplicable story doesn’t end here. Because when Zack woke up, he told his parents that during the 20 minutes when he had been legally dead, he had seen Jesus, up close and personal. Zack even told an interviewer later that it had strengthened his religious convictions and faith in God.

For his parents Billy and Theresa, the whole episode was nothing short of a miracle, of course.
“I’m just glad that [God] decided to let me have my baby back,” said Zack’s mom.



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