Teen Caught Lying About Pregnancy In Embarrassing Way When People See Ultrasound Photos…

When a Wyandotte, Michigan teenager tricked her family and friends into believing she was pregnant with triplets, she was exposed by a Facebook user. The woman is a member of a mothers of triplets group and pointed out that the 16-year-old’s ultrasound picture was fake.

According to police, the unnamed teen allegedly used the website FakeABaby.com to trick those close to her into thinking she was pregnant to attain thousands of dollars in gifts and cash.

teen fakes pregnancy

teen fakes pregnancy

The FakeABaby.com website sells fake baby bumps for around $150. The site also sells an array of other items like fake ultrasound pictures.

The young girl, not only fooled her parents and others, but also her 16-year-old boyfriend. The boyfriend Jordan said he was excited, but he had no idea she was faking the pregnancy. He’d already begun looking for a job and was ready to spend his time being a dad.

With the fake pregnancy impending, the 16-year-old’s family began preparing for the birth. This led to more people sending them gifts.

Jessica Adams, the girl’s aunt, said there were so many gifts that they could not open them all during the shower.

When her due date was close, the family began to question the girl since no one had met her to the doctor.

That is when the mothers of triplets Facebook user chimed in. The teen was also a member of the group, and that member wrote the girl’s ultrasounds were fake.

teen fakes pregnancy

When she was confronted, she cried and told investigators that she was only six weeks pregnant when she had a miscarriage.

According to the 16-year-old’s brother, all gifts and donations were sent back to the buyers.

According to FakeABaby.com, all its items are intended for gag use only.


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