These Are Tesla’s Stunning New Solar Roof Tiles For Homes

With innovation come many stages. If you’re over 40, you may remember the ugly and boxy early home computers with the bright green type. Who could have imagined the slender and powerful smartphones that we now all rely upon for almost everything?

Now, solar energy is entering its “smartphone” phase. Where once you had to have visually unappealing, enormous black rectangular light-gathering panels applied to your existing roof tiles after it was built for the average pre-fab home buyer, now a new Tesla product promises both functionality and eye appeal for homebuyers.


The key, of course, is that now that light-harnessing energy is within each roof tile itself. Even better, you have style options, ranging from modern to classical to chic Tuscan.


Do you lose anything with the new solar tiles, compared to the more old-school method? Not much, it turns out. With just two percent lower efficiency than the panels, future versions may actually exceed panels for light-gathering power, and offer consumers lower electrical costs.

Imagine in the future having beautiful roof tiles that also offer no-cost electricity! You’ll even be able to store some power, creating a kind of virtual generator for times when power goes out.


These marvels of modern science are only about one year out from being available to the general public. Oh, and one more selling point: the tiles’ quartz glass material will give homeowners up to three times the life of a typical asphalt tile, experts say. In fact, long after your house is falling apart at the seams, you may still have light-gathering roof tiles that work.



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