Family Was Denied A Table At Texas Roadhouse, Then They Saw This Unusual Sign…

The hostess usually greets you whenever you get to a restaurant and asks you two questions: how many are in your party and would prefer a booth or a table?

Recently some Texas Roadhouse restaurants have not been so open to all of their customers — this company is doing something that more restaurants should do!

Texas Roadhouse veteran initiative

Texas Roadhouse is known for their steaks and Western-themed atmosphere. However, now, they are being recognized all across social media for tables that are not for the general public.

Their tables are reserved at each restaurant to honor a specific group.

Texas Roadhouse veteran initiative

Texas Roadhouse restaurants have decided to dedicate some of their tables and booths to fallen soldiers and officers, as well as veterans, active-duty police, and military members across the board.

Every table has a special setting and a letter of appreciation, creating a beautiful moment for the heroes who walk through their doors.

Texas Roadhouse veteran initiative

It’s beautiful to see companies and people stepping up to show the men and women who serve the respect they deserve.

Texas Roadhouse veteran initiative

The tables are left there to honor and show respect.

After it being posted on social media, other restaurants in some areas have adopted the initiative, too.

Texas Roadhouse veteran initiative

Patrons are not only making each hero’s presence known, they’re also taking care of their checks in some cases as well.

One woman was given a free steak after the bill came to a close. All but 77 cents were deducted!

Texas Roadhouse veteran initiative

So, when you’re denied a booth, settle for the table.  


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