26-Year-Old Entrepreneur Creates The Most Unique Business…

How do you know you’ve found the perfect gift for a friend? Well, more than anything it should make them smile. It should speak to them. If at all possible, it should also be “the gift that keeps on giving.” What if that gift could also serve as its own greeting card? Alex Craig was eating dinner with his girlfriend when he had a flash of brilliance. He would start a business, sending potatoes emblazoned with custom messages to customers around the country. His girlfriend was incredulous. “You will not sell a single potato,” were words she’d soon be eating with sour cream and chives.

Craig is now earning $10,000 per month in profit from his endeavor.
The Gift Of Potatoes 1

It’s more than the money for him at this point.
The Gift Of Potatoes 2

He’s thrilled to be touching people’s lives, even in a small way.
The Gift Of Potatoes 3

The messages range from the humorous (because what better medium for a joke than a potato?) …
The Gift Of Potatoes 4

To the sincere, but still kind of funny. It is a potato, after all.
The Gift Of Potatoes 5

They truly are the gift that keeps on giving.
The Gift Of Potatoes 6

So skip the bouquets the next time you need to send the perfect gift.
The Gift Of Potatoes 7


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