Andrea Bocelli And Tori Kelly Serenade Everyone With Their Beautiful Rendition Of “The Prayer”

Andrea Bocelli and Tori Kelly each have incredible voices on their own, but when they come together to perform “The Prayer,” everyone is stunned. With four Grammy nominations between the two of them, this duet is sure to impress the packed auditorium! Tori flawlessly sings in English as Andrea skillfully completes his version of the beautiful song in Italian!

The Prayer1

Even though the song was first recorded as separate single versions in English (by Celine Dion), and Italian (by Andrea Bocelli), the two came together in 1998 to record the now-beloved pop rendition of “The Prayer.” Tori took over Celine’s part in the song and newcomer’s performance would’ve made her proud!

The Prayer2

Despite being totally blind, Andrea remained steadfast throughout the whole song, captivating everyone with his powerful tenor voice! After the two finished their version of “The Prayer,” the entire audience erupted into a roar of applause. Tori was able to sing right along with a well-respected, seasoned veteran without losing her own identity. What an inspiring performance all around!


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