Adorable Baby Can’t Stop Dancing When This Song Comes On…

If you’ve ever been to a dance recital or have watched PBS for an extended period of time, then you are probably familiar with Irish river dancing. It’s usually performed to classical Celtic music, but it’s not strange to see the dance performed with a more modern flair. One of the signatures of Irish step dancing is to move and kick with your lower body while keeping your upper body still. It can be a difficult skill to master – unless you’re just born with it. That is the case with this baby girl who danced along with the upbeat Celtic music as if she had been doing it for decades.


Even though this baby doesn’t even know how to walk yet, she already is a better dancer than I’ll ever be. She puts a smile on her face, swings her legs and dances like she is on stage in front of thousands. Her mom knows just how talented her little girl is, so she set up the camera and recorded the whole thing. We’re sure glad she did. This baby river dancer has racked up over 500,000 views and people can’t seem to get enough. Hopefully, she will continue her love of dancing and expand on her natural talent. Who knows, we may be looking at the girl who ushers in an Irish step dancing renaissance. Good luck, little girl.




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