Pregnant Wife Sobs When 3 White Balloons Pop Out To Honor Miscarried Babies Instead

When a couple from Dallas learned they were expecting, they knew they wanted to throw a big, festive gender reveal party for their closest friends and family. They also wanted the occasion to be on the creative side, so their close friend Tiniki took the reins and put a beautiful and heartfelt twist on the traditional gender reveal.

The expecting couple had no idea what color balloons would float out from the wrapped box, but they knew they’d either be blue or pink. They entrusted Tiniki with the card containing their baby’s gender.

Imagine their surprise when a trio of white balloons sprang from the box!

In the clip below, mom Angela is initially confused by them… but when her husband begins reading from the note tied to the balloons’ string, she realizes what these balloons actually signify.

You see, Angela’s family at the time had dealt with three miscarriages. Before conceiving her baby, Angela previously had two miscarriages and her sister had one. “It took a lot to get them where they were that day, so emotions where at an all-time high,” Tiniki wrote on YouTube.

The three white balloons let Angela and her family know the other babies had not been forgotten.

After Angela and her husband wipe away their tears, they’re finally ready to learn the gender of baby Fleming. But the surprises aren’t done yet.

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