Neighbor Keeps Complaining Until Police Shut Down Halloween Light Show. Then, Husband And Wife Get Revenge

Holiday decorations are like political candidates: you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. While some people can’t get enough of flashing LED lights, singing robotics, and everything in between, others are less than thrilled when the holiday season rolls around.

And while arguments can certainly be made in either direction, it largely boils down to your own traditions, combined with how much peace and quiet you need to maintain equilibrium.

For California couple Kevin and Amber Judd (presumably no relation to the famous country singing mother and daughter), holiday décor – and Halloween fun in particular – is sacrosanct. They spend many months, and thousands of dollars, gathering and syncing lights and music to create the most amazing shows you’ve ever seen, outside of Radio City Music Hall.

It’s been a labor of love for the neighborhood and far, far beyond, as their Halloween home extravaganza has gained popularity via word of mouth, and now draws visitors from far and wide.

But not everyone is a fan, and before you yell “Bah, humbug!” at their detractors, remember that not all folks have or want little kids, or wish to have their senses assaulted like they’re at a rock concert every night, no matter the hours. And these days, people are understandably trepidatious about strangers coming into their hood to boot.

Now that we’ve laid out both viewpoints, let’s get back to our story. Because not all of their neighbors were big fans of this annual shindig, and the Judds live in a homeowners association neighborhood, where rules and regulations for noise abatement are clearly spelled out when you buy.

Flashing lights accompanied by the Monster Mash aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, after all. And after being reported to their HOA for violations, the show was, in fact, shut down. Kids in the neighborhood were understandably devastated to lose their free Halloween entertainment.

But life is all about finding solutions, right? And the Judds found a great one that kept the kids and their neighbors both happy.

They simply asked a friend who lived in a more rural and less regulated area if they could hold their annual show there, and the friend obliged!

Now back in business, the Judds’ annual Halloween light and song fest is drawing more people from everywhere than ever before. And the neighbors can sleep again.


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