Ten Outstanding Design Tricks For Your Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms in our homes is a problem that many of us encounter. However, professional designers are often able to hand the problem of redeveloping tiny spaces with ease, proving that there’s no reason to give up searching for
beautiful design solutions for awkward spaces in your home.

To prove this to you, we selected ten superb examples showing how you can make even the tiniest bathroom appear much bigger.

Bathroom pictures
tiny bathroom design 1
Using wallpaper with photographic images can be quite good solution for a tiny space. It will make your room to look visually bigger as well as freshen it up with an unusual style.

Getting the right style
tiny bathroom design 2
When deciding on the decorative style for a small bathroom, it’s worth considering certain understated but beautiful styles, such as High Tech, Scandinavian, or Moroccan style.

Make white the dominant colour
tiny bathroom design 3
As for the colour of a small bathroom, it’s better to make heavy use of white and pastel shades to create a sense of space.

Using mirrors
tiny bathroom design 4
Mirrors are of great help here as well, especially large ones. It’s even better if you they have their own light sources, or, at least, are set facing fixed light fittings — that way, the preponderance of light will help visually enhance the size of the room.

Install a hip bath
tiny bathroom design 5
If you haven’t got much space, a great practical solution is to settle on those bathroom fixtures which are small in size or have odd shapes that take up less room.

Install a glass door
tiny bathroom design 6
A door with clouded/frosted glass is always a good idea for a tiny bathroom, because it will enable additional light to flow in and visually enhance the space.

Shelves and cupboards
tiny bathroom design 7
Shelves and cupboards have to be thought about carefully here as well. They should be narrow and thin, so that their size doesn’t impede movement in the room or reduce the available space still further. Try to set them all against one wall if possible.

Using the space in the corners
tiny bathroom design 8
It’s becoming easier and easier to buy fittings for your bathroom which are specially designed to fit into the corners of the room — from wash basins to bath tubs. These are a great idea to consider, since they allow you to make maximum use of space which might otherwise be wasted.

Large tiles
tiny bathroom design 9
Large tiles are preferable for a tiny bathroom, as small tiles can draw too much attention to the small size of the room.

A spacious floor
tiny bathroom design 10
Try to avoid using up too much space on the floor by installing bathroom fittings (such as the toilet and wash basin) which attach to the wall. It’s also better to choose a shower cabin with transparent glass: it will complement the sense of greater space created by an ’empty’ floor, making the room seem bigger.


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