The Irresistible Story Of A Tiny Hamster That Became A Giant Monster

One year after the first “Tiny Hamster” episode aired on the YouTube channel Hello Denizen, they have released episode number seven. They have also released news that the series will be presenting its first book within the next four weeks, and it is currently available for pre-order. Who knew that “Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos” could lead to all this? In episode seven, Tiny Hamster makes his debut as a giant monster. The idea for this silly short came from a viewer who had tweeted using the hashtag #TinyIdeas, and the company encourages viewers to keep those new ideas coming and to use the hashtag.

Hello Denizen is a branch of the Denizen Company and was founded five years ago. It is a Los Angeles-based social media marketing agency. The Hello Denizen branch has been producing videos for its YouTube channel for just over a year. The company is quick to note that the hamsters in their tiny videos are very well cared for and all food is “strictly reviewed to ensure it’s hamster healthy.”


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