Wife Builds Tiny House Trailer, Then Shows The Inside Is Unthinkably Clever

Alaskan couple Ana White and her husband build tiny homes together, but these aren’t ordinary ones. Ana lives in a remote part of Alaska, where there are no big department stores like Target or local craft stores.

That means she has to be extra resourceful and cost-efficient when she is putting together these tiny houses, which are nothing short of spectacular. One of these homes is full of surprises and hidden functions.

There is a place for everything and everything in its place, and it is all because of Ana’s clever way of solving problems.

Ana makes homes for clients who have very specific wants and needs. For instance, one client wanted an extra guest bed in a tiny home with little space, along with a comfortable sofa and storage space.

Ingeniously, Ana cut up a foam mattress into three parts. She used wooden storage bins as the bed frame. The three pieces of the mattress are rearranged throughout the home as a sofa and bench. When a guest needs the bed, each of the parts can be put together to create a queen-sized bed.

But that’s not even the full genius of this home, which has hidden storage space, a washer and dryer, and even an “elevator” bed that Ana made herself.

The tiny home is too stunning to capture in words, so watch the video of the grand tour below.

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