You Want To Be Successful, But Are You Doing These 10 Crucial Things?

Here’s a list of tips and tricks that CEOs and presidents claim are the secrets to their success.

1. They wake up early

tips to succeed

The CEOs of Apple, Starbucks, and Disney are among those who get up in the early hours of the morning. Your brain is sharper in the morning!

2. They prioritize

tips to succeed

Successful people always tackle the most important item on their to-do list first!  They don’t even look at their e-mails, in-tray, or phone messages. This is a great way to prevent large tasks from looming over you for the rest of the day.

3. They exercise

tips to succeed

A common practice among high achievers is that they regularly exercise. Staying active will keep you energized and focused.

4. They make specific goals

tips to succeed

Just saying “I want to get fit!“ or ”I want a promotion!”  is not enough. You should break your goals down into smaller, more realistic steps. 

5. They read

tips to succeed

Bill Gates and Emma Watson are some of  the most successful bookworms. Books, articles, poetry all broaden your knowledge. Tyrion Lannister once said, “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone.”

6. They maintain balance

tips to succeed

Even people who occupy the most elite positions set aside time to relax and be with loved ones. Make sure to take time off so you don’t burn out! 

7. They prepare

tips to succeed

Whether it’s picking an outfit to wear or packing their bags, successful people make sure the prepare the night before.  That way, when their alarm goes off in the morning, they are ready to go.

8. They ask for help

tips to succeed

Overachievers do not succeed all on their own.  The people around you are your best sources of wisdom. Network, pick their brains and the journey to the top will be a lot less lonely.

9. They persevere

tips to succeed

Before she became famous, J.K. Rowling was rejected by 13 publishers; Michael Jordan did not make his high school basketball team; Walt Disney was fired from his newspaper job for his “lack of imagination.” Yet all of these people persevered with their dreams against the odds!

10. They act!

tips to succeed

Doesn’t matter if they are CEOs or best-selling authors, these people ultimately became successful because they acted on their dreams. 


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