Pregnant Mom With ‘Toddler-Sized’ Belly Goes On To Deliver Biggest Baby Doctor Has Ever Seen

Chrissy Corbitt was accustomed to having bigger babies. After all, her first two children were born at 9 and 10 pounds. But nothing prepared her for what happened during her fourth and final pregnancy.

In 2017, the wife and mother from Keystone Heights, Florida, approached her due date — and her baby bump was undeniably massive. “It was like she had a huge beach ball, and it was getting more and more inflated,” her husband, Larry, told Inside Edition.

She struggled with gestational diabetes early on in the pregnancy and expected her baby girl to weigh about 10 pounds at birth.

Chrissy gave birth via C-section one week early and heard everyone cheering in the operating room. She thought it was a bit strange and had never had that happen before.

It wasn’t until the nurses announced baby Carleigh’s weight that Chrissy realized what all the fuss was about.

“When he was pulling her out of me, he was like, ‘This baby is never going to end,’” Chrissy told Inside Edition.

Chrissy caught her first glimpse of Carleigh from across the curtain and couldn’t believe her eyes. “It was like I delivered a toddler.”

Carleigh was the largest newborn baby Dr. Eric Edelenbos had ever delivered. She was so big, in fact, that Chrissy and Larry had to donate all of the baby clothes and diapers they had bought for her and upgrade to bigger ones!

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