He Pours Detergent Down The Toilet For This Brilliant Reason

Let’s face it folks, at some point in our lives for one reason or the other, we’ve all clogged a toilet up. No need to feel shy or embarrassed, it happens to us all. It’s not fun, and declogging it even worse. Thankfully, the good folks at Build.com took it upon themselves to figure out the best way to solve that problem and came up with a surprising solution – dish soap.

A plunger is definitely a great tool but just in case you find yourself without one, try using dish soap. It’ll sink to the bottom since it’s heavier than the water. Then after allowing a few minutes to let it sink into the source of the clog, pour some hot water, which will help get the soap to lubricate the clog and loosen it up so that you can eventually just flush it down.


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