Parents Should Be Aware Of This Alarming Situation After Swimming

This child died from asphyxiation by way of drowning. The thing is he wasn’t in the water at the time of death. He was at home, asleep.

Johnny had in fact been swimming earlier in the day. He then walked home with his mom. Later in the afternoon he said he felt tired, and he went to take a nap. When his mom went to check on him after a while, she realized Johnny had mysteriously passed away. This is a case of Johnny having suffered a lung injury during his swimming earlier in the day. The effects didn’t take effect until later in the day.

This kind of tragedy is not unheard of, as it has occurred to individuals in the past. It is very important for parents to monitor their children after they’ve had a long day of swimming, and especially if they’ve taken in a lot of water and are showing signs of breathing difficulty.



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