A Doctor’s Explanation On Why Traveling Changes Our Brains

traveling makes you creativeEveryone knows that taking a break in a place where there is abundant fresh air can do much to raise a person’s mood and restore their sense of purpose. But it turns out there are other, even more tangible benefits to an outdoor holiday. Recently, scientists discovered that time spent relaxing outdoors physically changes your brain for the better.

The reason? It turns out that a holiday spent surrounded by nature, as well as travel to the most distant, wild, and unpopulated places, not only provides an individual with a whole host of new impressions but also helps them stop thinking. According to experts, the best way to cope with a bad mood is to ’switch off’ your brain. And the most interesting thing is that when we manage to do this, our brains can quite literally be transformed.

This theory was confirmed when a group of scientists carried out tests on a number of people who went for a walk in the forest for just one and a half hours. In every participant in this experiment a significant reduction in the activity of the prefrontal cortex of their brain was observed — that is, in the area of the brain which is responsible for psychological illnesses. So just imagine what might be possible if a person spends not just one and a half hours in the woods, but several days or more.

The scientists also worked out how changes in the brain can have an effect on our daily lives. They asked a group of volunteers to spend a couple of days away from the city, with all their electronic devices switched off. They were subsequently asked to carry out a test of their creativity and complete several complicated tasks. It turned out that the level of their creative thinking increased by 50%.

So, in order to enjoy good health, longevity, harmonious personal relationships, and true, authentic happiness all at the same time, it’s worth dropping everything every once in a while, digging out your best hiking rucksack, and heading somewhere quiet and beautiful. Why not go today?


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