Guy Asks His Wife To Lift This Cloth. What He Is Hiding Under It Leaves Her Completely Speechless…

This husband bills himself as “The Samurai Carpenter.” After watching his painstaking skill with the tools of his trade, you will agree he chose an appropriate title! From the moment the process begins, it is mesmerizing. His attention to detail and the fine woodworking touches he adds at each step not only serve to show his dedication to his craft, but, more so, to his beloved wife. Jokes aside, this is no last minute gift! He encourages us all to try our hand at creating a gift of love rather than just purchasing something. Perhaps we will not be able to compete with such craftsmanship, but it truly is the thought that counts when the product comes from the heart. Most of us likely have more keepsakes that are handmade versus those that are store-bought. 

Finally, after what must be days of work, we see the stunning final piece. When he has some fun with the reveal, we can see the love between this couple. It has been said that love is spelled “T-I-M-E,” and this carpenter brings that lesson to life. So, what’s the take away for all of us? Make it, and make it from the heart. 


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