Donald Trump Declares He Will Not Take The Presidential Salary

In an odd and rare turn of events the man who seemingly lives for money is declining to be paid for performing duties of his job; President Trump will be refusing to accept the salary that comes with being President of the United States. By all rights he would be entitled to the $400,000 a year that comes with the position, yet during a town hall meeting in Rochester, New Hampshire stated it was “no big deal” to him. While to most of us that seems like a very large sum of money, the guy’s worth $3.7 billion… Added to the fact that he hasn’t paid anything in Federal taxes in years and it’s really not a lie.

Trump won’t be the first one to decline the salary, both Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy donated theirs to charity. Hoover had made millions in the mining industry and Kennedy came from money, so they didn’t need it and decided to give it to those who did instead. It’s yet to be seen where the funds are going to go or if they’ll be sent to a charity at all under Donald, though it’s not unlikely. It’s important to note the salary is double what Bill Clinton was making while he was in office and includes an added $50,000 stipend and health coverage, so overall he’s losing out on quite a bit of perks here.

As Trump now holds the record for the wealthiest man ever elected into office it should come as no surprise he would scoff at a measly $450,000, but those funds could stand to do a lot of good elsewhere. Hopefully he keeps his word on this, because he is a guy that’s known to change his mind more often than not.


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