Twin Daughter Comes To Breakfast And Parents Have No Clue She’s Pulled A ‘Twin Switch Surprise’

In September 2013, a pair of twin sisters from Illinois pulled off what they call the ultimate “Twin Switch Surprise.”

Kelly and Karrie Hardwick come from a close-knit family, so when Kelly moved away to Singapore, she was missed by so many people.

As the twins’ parents, Susie and Steve, geared up to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, Kelly and Karrie devised a plan.

Kelly traveled 20 hours, all the way from Singapore to Newton, Illinois, just to surprise her parents on their special day.

In the clip below, “Karrie” comes downstairs and walks into the kitchen in her PJs to have breakfast with her family. Susie and Steve don’t even flinch. Why would they?

But seconds later, the other Hardwick sister enters the room. “Are you sure I’m not Karrie?” she announces.

And with that, Susie and Steve do a double take. Watch their reactions when they realize both of their daughters are actually standing in the same room — and the one they thought was Karrie was actually Kelly the whole time.

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