His House Looks Stunning From The Outside, But It Has A Hidden Feature That Will Leave You In Awe

When Stephen Fisher, an Australian-born hedge fund manager for J.P. Morgan Chase decided to settle down in Singapore, he knew he wanted to create a truly unique living space. Singapore is famous for its heat and humidity and Fisher decided the best way to work with that was to create lots of indoor/outdoor space and have an in-ground saltwater pool wrapping around a large section of his property.

Fisher’s residence, known as Fish House, has actually been awarded an Architectural Design Award by the Singapore Institute of Architects back in 2010. Although the front and topside of the house are gorgeous and definitely didn’t hurt his case for the award, what makes Fish House truly one-of-a-kind is the basement. Unlike most basements which are damp, musty storage units, Fisher’s is surrounded on all sides with floor-to-ceiling high density acrylic plastic windows that look out into that aforementioned saltwater pool. Yep, Fisher’s got his own human aquarium in the luxury of his own home.


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