Twenty Interesting Facts You Probably Never Knew…

Sure these facts won’t help you win at trivia night, but they’re incredibly cool. Some might say they’re “useless”, but we have to disagree. They make pretty great icebreakers at the office, at a party, at the neighborhood BBQ. If we missed a fun one, let us know!

1. For weird Coca-Cola trivia, this is pretty tame.
useful facts 1

2. Sleeping with a candle next to the bed. What could go wrong?
useful facts 2

3. Who’s up for Indian food?
useful facts 3

4. Sweet but sad.
useful facts 4

5. How cool. The blue tone is so soothing.
useful facts 5

6. You and me both, bear.
useful facts 6

7. How does that work? (Can I do that?)
useful facts 7

8. Wait, really?
useful facts 8

9. Because, you know, priorities.
useful facts 9

10. Can I see some ID, baby?
useful facts 10