19 Uses for Coca Cola – More Proof That Coke Does Not Belong In the Human Body

If you’ve ever dropped a penny into a bottle of Coca-Cola, you’ve seen its acidic properties at work. The soda can literally strip dirt from a coin, so imagine what it does to your body.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep plenty of coke around the house. This sugary drink has many uses you may never have even thought of.

First off, let’s look at some handy home cleaning options for your Coke.

1. Believe it or not, it’s an amazing toilet cleaner. All you have to do is pour, walk away for maybe 30 minutes, and flush. Easy breezy.

2. Dirty tile grout? Just a Coke and a smile, let it lift the grime, and wipe it out.

3. If your carpet has stains, leave some Coca Cola on them, give it a scrub, then wash it out. Voila!

In the kitchen, you’ll find Coke has all kinds of uses, including:

4. Using tin foil as a polisher, use the cola as a chrome polisher for fixtures on sinks and other appliances.

5. If your enameled china has gotten a few stains, pour a bit of cola on, let it sit, and rub.

6. Giving up on those pans with burnt-on grease and more? Let the pans soak in Coke for an easy cleaning option.

7. If you live somewhere with hard water that leaves calcium deposits in tea kettles and fixtures, Coke that away.

Now, on to your laundry. Coke can be an invaluable aid to your cleaning arsenal in the laundry room.

8. For example, it can get stubborn grease stains out of clothes.

9. Can’t get blood stains out? No problem, Coke to the rescue.

How about personal care?

10. Impress your kids with the importance of brushing and not neglecting their teeth by taking a tooth that’s fallen out and dropping it in Coke in front of them. When they see how quickly the soda dissolves the tooth’s enamel, they may think twice about drinking it again.

11. Stuck in a hotel room and can’t get your usual hair products? Coca-Cola can substitute as hair dye lifter in a pinch.

Back out in the garage, you’ll find even more uses for Coke.

12. For example, you can use it to remove garage floor oil stains. Just let it soak and hose it off.

13. Have some pennies lying around? Amaze your kids by dropping the change into a Coke can and then pouring the money out, all shiny and clean.

14. If you’re finding unwanted slugs or snails in your garage or yard, pour some cola around, the acidity in it should kill the critters.

15. After soaking a sponge in the soda, use it strip rust.

16. Speaking of rust, two liters of Coke in your pool and it will actually make built up rust stains disappear.

Your car should love all the things Coke can do for it.

17. We’re told you can clean your car battery terminals with Coke, but suggest you double check that with a mechanic before you try it.

18. Car engines will delight in the cola’s acid-stripping properties.

19. Back in your house, use Coke to strip old paint from distressed furniture so you can start fresh. You won’t want to pour it directly in this case. Simple pour onto a piece of cloth and run it over the paint you want to take off.


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