18 Uses For Toothpaste You Probably Never Knew About

Brushing your teeth is one of the essential foundations of hygiene. But as it turns out, that’s not the only thing you can use that toothpaste for.

These creative uses for toothpaste might seem strange at first… but when you see how them, things will never be the same again!

1. Don’t worry if your silver gets tarnished — just use toothpaste! It should look as good as new after some scrubbing.
uses for toothpaste 1

2. Put some toothpaste on a wet sponge to clean your car lights.
uses for toothpaste 2

3. Dirty keys on your piano? Toothpaste to the rescue!
uses for toothpaste 3

4. Clean your leather boots or sneakers with toothpaste!
uses for toothpaste 4

5. Use toothpaste to clean grimy swimming goggles!
uses for toothpaste 5

6. If your cups are leaving water spots on your table, use toothpaste to remove it.
uses for toothpaste 6

7. Apply toothpaste to ink stains on your clothes, let the article of clothing dry, and wash it the next day. Problem solved!
uses for toothpaste 7

8. Toothpaste can easily remove hair dye stains.
uses for toothpaste 8

9. Toothpaste can remove bumps from mosquito bites overnight.
uses for toothpaste 9