Awesome Tricks For Using Lemons Around The House

Lemons are pretty useful around the kitchen. Their distinctive sour taste lends itself well to all sorts of dishes and desserts. That sour taste that makes your eyes water comes courtesy of the lemon’s high citric acid content, which makes up between five and six percent of the juice. Citric acid doesn’t just make the lemon a culinary necessity; it turns out the lemon’s chemistry also makes it ideal for dozens of other household chores!

The lemon has served mankind in various incarnations for hundreds of years as food, medicine, and garden ornamentation. Today’s citrus scientists have pushed those boundaries yet again. Need to freshen up the laundry? The lemon has you covered. Want to kill germs while leaving your kitchen counters smelling fresh? That’s right, your buddy the lemon is here to help. For more details, check out the video below. We think it’ll change the way you look at nature’s sunny little hero.


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