8 Vegetables You Can Buy Once And Then Grow Again

Making sure you always have fresh herbs in the kitchen is not difficult. There are plenty of plants which sprout roots as soon as you put them in water, and soon they’ll start giving you new leaves. We’ve put together a list of eight of the best plants which you can grow at home again and again. Now you’ll have an endless supply of vitamins!

Spring onion

vegetables grow again
Spring onion will start growing if you leave the roots submerged in a small glass of water. Just remember that the room you leave it in should have good illumination.


vegetables grow again
Garlic can easily sprout roots and grow impressively if left in water. It’s shoots have a very delicate taste, and make a fine addition to sauces or salad.

Bok choy (Chinese cabbage)

vegetables grow again
Submerge the roots of this plant in water and leave it in a well-lit room. Leave it there for around 1-2 weeks, after which you can place it in a plant pot. It will then grow into a full-sized cabbage.


vegetables grow again
If you cut the top part off a carrot and leave it in water, it will begin to sprout and grow once again.


vegetables grow again
When they reach about 3-4 centimetres in length, place the little shoots of basil in a glass of water and leave it directly in the sun. Once it’s grown to about twice the size, replant it in the garden. Soon you’ll have a healthy, fully-grown plant.


vegetables grow again
Cut off the base of the piece of celery and place it in glass or cup in warm water. Leave it in the sun. Leaves will begin to grow in the centre; once this happens you can replant it in the ground.

Romaine lettuce

vegetables grow again
This lettuce will begin to grow again if you submerge at least half of it in water and leave it for a few days. New leaves will begin to grow straight away, and then you can replant it in the ground.


vegetables grow again
Coriander is another plant which starts growing brilliantly once submerged in water. Once again, replant it after a few days, and get ready to enjoy that wonderful aroma!


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