Construction Worker Hides Waldo Everyday For Kids In Hospital Next Door To Find

A thoughtful construction worker named Jason Haney thought it would be nice to do something to cheer up the children in the hospital next door. His idea was absolutely brilliant.

Haney, with the help of his daughter, created an 8-foot-tall cut out of Where’s Waldo and hides it on the site every day for the kids in the Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend, Indiana to spot. Once Haney is notified that the kids found Waldo, the large cut-out is moved to a different spot, and the kids look for it again. Haney has even created a Facebook group for the kids to post their finds! The best part? Haney and his daughter are already working on cut-out “Minions” for his next project!

Construction worker Jason Haney wanted to cheer up the kids in the hospital next to his site


So he decided to make an 8-foot-tall cut-out Waldo


And hide it on the site for kids to find


Every day Waldo is put in a different place


And the children go crazy to spot him


Can you find “Where’s Waldo” yourself?


Can you see him?


Too easy? What about this:



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